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My Gear

=Work in progress=

The main cameras I use now are Canon EOS 50 and Pentax Z-1p.
I always liked Pentax for its quality seen even in entry-level models. So a few years ago I made my choice and bought Pentax MZ-M. Well, not the top of the line, but very convenient. Moreover, it allows mounting some specific lenses like Russian Rubinar mirror-reflex lenses. It is quiet, but has one main drawback - it does not provide TTL flash functionality.

A few yers ago I bought Pentax Z-1p - this is a great camera of all times! Hyper-program mode is the zest of the camera. After you try it once, you will then ask yourself, how you lived without this feature. But unfortunately it has a few drawbacks (nothing is perfect!). Outdated AF and absense of battery grip - are the main ones. Also it turned out to be impossible to set up MLU together with multi-exposure, as both modes are self-excluding. I have collected a few lenses, including FA 28-105/4.5-5.6 PZ (a workhorse), FA 50/1.7, A 35-105/3.5, M 135/3.5, Takumar 55/2.0, Takumar 35/3.5 and some others PK compatible. I have also an excellent FTZ500 flash, which I used quite rarely as I prefer "available light".

Once I've seen Canon EOS 50 which was irresistably cheap, and have desided to buy it together with 28-105/3.5-4.5 USM lense. The camera is a bit too plastic and bulky, but lighter than Z-1p + FA 28-105/4.5-5.6 PZ, and I prefer to take this set for "light" trips. Despite its silent USM lenses and whispy rewind, it has some "features" that could have been improved, I believe. I do not like that the flash starts charging immediately after you press the button to pop it up, but not after half-pressing the shutter release (as in Z-1p). It does not allow any "bonus" shots. It is usually possible with Pentax cameras to get 37 shots with 135/36 film (or even 38 with Kodak Prophoto). But not with Canon. Moreover, mirror sometimes get stuck during rewind, and I consider it as a bug of this model. It is quite annoying.

I have a few other cameras in my collection, including Olympus OM10 and rangefinders.

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This page was last updated on May 4, 2003